Women’s Liberation Circles

Connecting women in a safe inclusive space giving you the chance to breathe, reflect and grow from a different place- from your soul. 

Come join the group that speaks most strongly to what you are yearning for within.

Manifesting Power hour

Gathering regularly online and in-person to connect with like-minded women on the journey of making your life what you want it to be. Connecting in monthly, within a group space to share, grow and learn together between sessions. 

This group inspires and enables you to connect in with your inner knowing, remove the hurdles and blocks that are holding you in your current reality.

Action based, soul based, reflecting and getting curious – with love- on the beliefs and thoughts holding you where you are. Shifting and opening you up to a life you hadn’t given yourself permission to dream about.

We cover decluttering- your mind, home and life. Visioning then how to fill the space with what you are wanting in this life. And how to raise your vibration to get there.

Confidence in being you

You feel lost within, you feel scared to speak your truth, you wonder how along the way you are here, feeling stuck in a safe zone of not having the confidence to move forward into life. Perhaps you’re drawn to relationships that don’t support you but weigh you down. 

You are in there, you are hiding under the conditioning, under the layers of beliefs and shut downs. Under fear.

Fear is a constant cloud in your life. But there is another way. Another way to be with fear. With step by step support we look at your beliefs and thoughts keeping you small, together we work out ways to empower you to step into your strength, wisdom and inner confidence.


Who are you? 

Who do you want to be?

If you are reading this and wondering where you’ve gone and feel disconnected and lost, this space is for you.

Your soul is calling for you to come home, to remove the layers of beliefs and conditioning, the should and the shouldn’t and come home again to you- all of you. To shine and be the version of you that you know is there under the shackles of life. 

This space enables you connect into your intuition, your inner wisdom and get clear about the you at your heart and soul. Then to act and create the change that is within.

Jennifer Boon Inner Wisdom Coach

Would you like to be a part of a supportive women’s circle?

Contact me to find out times of future groups- in person in the New Forest or online.