What is inner wisdom and how can it help you?

jennifer soran boon inner wisdom coach

Inner Wisdom is the wisdom we all have within ourselves. It isn’t illusive, it is there in the everyday, it is there in the silence. Our inner wisdom is there to be tuned into. It guides us back onto our soul path. It guides us back to that place of sturdiness and strength we all have access to, but often are disconnected from. If we all listened to our inner wisdom, the world would be a more loving, creative, kind and vibrant place. 

If we connected into our inner wisdom we would be a force of love in this world, a force of change. Our inner wisdom is there to guide us to be our highest expression of ourselves.

Our inner wisdom is our intuition – our innate knowing within. It is there nudging us towards our highest path, towards love – always. In these times with so much hate and chaos, connecting into your inner wisdom helps you step onto your soul path with love.

Our inner wisdom shows up differently for each of us. We are all unique and so is how we get the information that is there to guide us home.

Be it a song that speaks to your heart and reminds you to take a breath and pause.

Be it an image that pops into your head that reminds you of something special.

Be it a gentle push inside to reach out to a friend.

Or a smell that connects you with a forgotten part of you.

Or a knowing -a deep knowing -without the rationale knowing of how.

The key is to give the space to allow and connect into it.

Our world

This world we are all in, makes it tricky to connect into what is going on inside ourselves. The noise, the constant distractions, the disconnection with our inner world in favour of the outer world. The preference for rationale-based data instead of inner, unquantified hunches and knowings.

If we all connected in, if we all listened to our inner world first, we would find we tap into a creative resource within. We would become more soul aligned in our lives. We would shift and let go of the jobs not serving us, the partners we have outgrown, the friends who aren’t holding our highest light. We would let go of the beliefs that hold us stuck. The outdated out-grown parts of us that need to shift to allow us to evolve.

And with this letting go, we create space for what we can become.

The place to start…

The first place to start is stillness. It is giving space to what is going on inside. Even a minute of quiet helps develop the habit of going inwards.

When you first go inwards, you may find it hard, you may find it brings up feelings you weren’t expecting. You may feel like crying. Or be surprised at how noisy it is on the inside of you and surprised at what is on repeat. There may be a strong desire to distract yourself or get busy with something, this is all completely normal and ok. Stick with it. This is part of the journey. Part of your journey.

And into the stillness when we go there, there is a gentle, loving whisper, so quiet it is almost inaudible, it may not even be a whisper, it may be a feeling, a sense within, a body sensation. It doesn’t come in as a fully formed sentence of what to do next, it is likely to be an image, a symbol, a word or song, a feeling, a nudge and with that noticing– that is the first step. Noticing it is there.

The noise within us.

It can be noisy when we start to listen inside ourselves. The noise can be overwhelming. The thoughts in our head on repeat, the to-dos we haven’t got round to, the parts within us that haven’t had the healing and space to dissipate. 

We can have an overwhelming feeling to escape it. To distract ourselves or to give up. The inner critic may pipe up that we are just not able to do this. This is all so, so normal. Step by step, showing up is the key, there is no rush, this is your journey- the journey within. 

What comes up (and a lot will come up) will be there for you to heal to accept, to grow from. 

There may be many voices, or parts of ourselves often with conflicting views. Feel into the space. Be ok looking in the shadows of you. We all have shadows and by accepting and acknowledging our shadow we heal and evolve. 

Breath can really help with this. I find bringing awareness to my breath can help; Breathing in, being in the stillness between breaths, being in the stillness after the inhale and exhale can really help feel anchored into the inner world.

Patience and trust.

Patience and trust are key for coming along on this journey within. Patience it is all happening as it is meant to. Patience if nothing comes up initially. Patience that the information you are wanting to know is there within you – even if it doesn’t feel like it is.

Trust is also key. Trust is super hard when we are going into the unknown within. What can help with trust is making small steps. Commit to just being aware of any nudges you get within, no pressure to follow them. Writing these nudges down can really help show you that you get inner nudges all the time. 

Courage is next.

It takes courage to follow our inner wisdom, it takes courage to step into the unknown. With this it really helps to start small. Maybe follow a nudge to go a different way to work, follow the nudge to call someone. 

To connect into your courage, connect into your solar plexus centre your courage centre. Imagine a beautiful golden light filling up your solar plexus chakra (the energy centre above your tummy button). Imagine it radiating out a beautiful golden yellow. Feel the connection to this light and feel it connecting you to courage. Feel it permeating all parts of you, it may help to state out loud ‘I am courage’. 

Honour it

Courage is needed here as well, when we acknowledge and honour the wisdom we get and speak it out, either to ourselves or to others, we step more into the sturdiness of knowing that you, me, we get information that isn’t from a rational part of us. 

We get information that is there to guide. Start with people you know who will be ok with you mentioning your inner wisdom. Be brave, when we acknowledge it, we own it more, we step into strength.

Practical steps

These are some ways to connect into your inner wisdom.

  • Set aside time each day to go within – bring self-compassion along if you have trouble doing this, get curious as to what stops you, go there with love and gentleness. Even a minute a day can help create the habit of going inwards first for information.
  • Start to pay attention to your body sensations- do certain sensations come up at certain times? Grow your awareness of what happens and if it links to certain situations to get to know your unique alphabet of signs. 
  • Journal your nudges- this gives you confidence in trusting what come up and sturdiness in witnessing that you have inner wisdom. 
  • Find a loving supportive friend who you can share your nudges with. This gives you support on your journey. 
  • Avoid the naysayers- there are always naysayers on any journey we embark on. The journey inside ourselves is no different. Become aware of who you surround yourself with and if it enables you to connect to your inner wisdom or not. Surround yourself with love.

You – yes you – have inner wisdom within you. It is there to guide you to your highest soul expression. Trust you are supported and guided from within and going inwards is always the place to move forward from. Bit by bit connect in and trust you have the answers you are looking for in your life and see how, by connecting in, you develop a sturdiness and inner strength to shine in your life.

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