Tap into Your Intuition & Build Inner Confidence Today

Listening to and acting on our Intuition is key for a fulfilled and empowered life. But it can be a bit of a mystery as to what exactly it is and how on earth we can tap into it.

With the mystery around it and the vagueness of what it actually is, it’s often an underused resource within all of us.

This blog post is here to help you tap into your intuition so that you feel more confident in yourself and your life and the decisions you make.

We all have access to our intuition, but in today’s society it is often ignored. We are all born with this inner sense of knowing, but without nurturing, it can fall by the wayside and instead we look outward not inward for the answers in our life and thus give our power away to others.

Intuition enables us all to make decisions right for us. So here are some ways to help you develop and hone in your intuitive sense;

Know how your intuition comes through to you; Unfortunately, intuition rarely comes through in structured sentences and rarely with the whole information given. Often it can come through as pictures or symbols that flash into the mind, or a feeling in your body. One client I work with, always gets a tingles down her spine when the truth is being spoken, others find it comes through as ailments in the body. Start paying attention to how intuitive hunches come through to you.

  •  Listen to your body- Our bodies are a channel for accessing our intuition – start checking in with yourself everyday, ask yourself how you feel when faced with particular decisions, this enables you to start being aware of how certain situations and decisions make you feel and then to enables you act on the information you are given.
  • Spend quiet time daily- this gives you a chance to slow down and really pay attention to what is going on within.
  •  Write down your hunches– this really helps to develop intuition, keeping a small notepad with you and taking note of when you have an intuitive hunch helps us to start noticing and seeing that hunches come through all the time.
  •  Find an intuition buddy– finding someone you can explore and share intuitive hunches without fear of ridicule can really help our confidence to grow in trusting this inner resource.
  •  Look after yourself physically and mentally– nourishing our minds and bodies with nurturing food, regular physical activity and quiet time-out enables us to keep our intuition free of toxins and clutter.
  •  Start Small- Today, start with something small, check in with yourself and follow your intuition on an area of your life, and start taking risks following it, it doesn’t need to be big decisions, its best to start small and as your confidence grows in your intuition, you will feel compelled to trust and act on it even more in life.
  •  Trust -When we follow our intuition, we don’t know where it will lead and sometimes what we are getting a sense to do, may seem like it wont’ lead to where we want to get to, but I ask you to listen and see where it takes you, by opening ourselves up to listening and acting on our intuition, we are opening ourselves up to the magic of life and the unfolding of a path we hadn’t even imagined.

What are your experiences of trusting and relying on your intuition? What ways do use to tap into your intuition? I would love to hear.

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