Speaking Events With Jennifer Soran Boon

This world- our world- needs us to be the change we want to see in it.

I speak to inspire and enable women to step into their authentic heart centred strength and be the change they want to see in the world.

I am here to be a part of that change and to offer a new way of being in life. My role as a beacon of light and a change agent is to sow the seeds of transformation for a more harmonious connected way of being in this world.

I speak on:

  • Creating change in this world and how we are the change
  • Intuition; connecting to your inner wisdom
  • Having a voice and speaking our truth
  • Stepping back into being creator and manifesting
  • Identity- stripping back the layers to your soul truth
  • Relationships and being our whole selves with love and courage

Be the Change Speech

This Be the Change speech is 5 and half minutes long. This has led to the creation of my book Be the Change.

If this speaks to you and you know women who are yearning and hungry for a new way of being, reach out and connect.