Seven Ways to Love Yourself More

Seven Ways to Love Yourself More

How kind and loving are you to yourself? How often do you berate instead of praise the things you’ve done in life?

Being loving to ourselves is a challenge many of us face.  And often one we don’t even consider as being important in our everyday lives.

But every time we speak to ourselves harshly or put ourselves down our list of priorities, we are giving ourselves the message we don’t matter. This can chip away at our confidence and self esteem over time, impacting the life we create for ourselves.

This blog post is all about giving you some ways to booster your self acceptance and love, so that your internal foundation is strong.

Loving ourselves is also important for ensuring we don’t hold resentment and anger towards others, which can often happen if our needs are not being met.

So here are some ways to help you increase your love and self acceptance:

Body love

Write down all the parts of your body you don’t like and resent for being how they are. Perhaps you have bigger hips and thighs than you hoped, or are shorter than you’d like.

Whatever you don’t like about yourself, write it down and then look at what benefits that body part has given you – so that you can start looking at that part through a new lens-a lens of appreciation.


Decluttering our inner world can really help with self love.

Turn your awareness to what your inner critic is saying and any recurring thoughts that are critical of you. Start being aware of when you say them to yourself and look at what you can replace the thoughts with – so if you constantly say ‘I’m so stupid and incapable of anything’ when that thought comes in, argue back and say ‘no, I am capable and have lots of things going for me’

Creating a home worthy of you

Clearing your home space helps create a haven and this in turn shows that you are good enough and worth having a safe, homely, clutter-free living space.

This can be as simple as having a clear out and reorganising your space so it feels good spending time in it, to having a complete redecoration.

The key is making it feel like a space you can relax in and be you in as this helps you relax and feel at peace.


We all hold so many resentments towards others we often aren’t even aware of it.

These resentments weigh us down and pollute us – not the person we can’t forgive.

Forgiveness is an act of self love for you – it means you aren’t carrying around toxic feelings that can cause ongoing issues.

A great exercise in forgiving challenging people is using EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique.

Pause before giving your answers to requests 

We often over commit and stretch ourselves, which means we have less time for doing what is really important to us.

Next time you are asked to do something, breathe in and pause before answering. Get into the habit of saying ‘let me have a think and get back to you’ before committing, this will give you space out the moment to decide if it is the right thing for you.

Mirror work

Practice standing in front of the mirror and saying ‘I love you’ looking yourself in the eyes.

Often people find this a challenge to do and it can bring up emotion and resistance, practising and being aware of what comes up is a good way of building the inner love you deserve.

The author, Louise Hay advocates mirror work and has some great books on loving yourself and mirror work.

Learning to love and accept ourselves is a constant life long journey. Knowing that each and every one of us has issues around how worthy we feel inside,  helps us know we are not alone in this self development challenge.

Now is the time for change, what ways can you be more loving to yourself today?

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