Listening to the signs of letting go

Listening to the signs of letting go

I’m getting a sense that things are coming to an end and the phase of life I have been in is now shifting to something new. The changes are subtle- a need to declutter, a sense inside of something new coming, a strong need to release the old, people leaving my life, dances ending. As this sense of change afoot grows stronger, I am at a choice point as to whether I listen and go with it or fight it.

I have chosen to go with it. 

I’ve chosen to listen and create the space for this change.

And life has started shifting. And a new phase is beginning to take shape.

If you’re getting a sense something is ending, you’re not sure what the future holds and you know letting go is needed read on.

Signs to look out for

  • Life just not flowing in some way – this can manifest as feeling like you are repeating the same patterns, getting that ‘de ja vu’ feeling of repeating the same pattern or a feeling of banging your head against an invisible brick wall you can’t get by.
  • The feeling inside that a declutter is needed– often when we feel the need to declutter I see it as a sign that space is needed for something to manifest.
  • Things coming to an end, perhaps it’s a job ending unexpectantly, perhaps it’s a friendship, relationship or course ending, whether it is a surprise or expected, when things come to an end it can bring up feelings of fear of the unknown and void created.
  • Unexpected change happening– perhaps you were thinking and expecting something in your life to go a certain way and suddenly it isn’t and now there is a void and emptiness that’s been created.

Often in life we can stay stuck in a place, perhaps we have no idea of what is next or perhaps we like elements of the place we are in, or perhaps we just don’t want to let go. Fear is often at the root of a resistance to change, but listening to the signs and acting on them despite the fear can open up a life of new possibilities. 

Here are some ways to support you in these times.

Listen to your intuition- being still and listening to the messages your intuition gives you, can give you the nudges you need at this time. Intuition doesn’t necessarily come across as clear coherent messages but instead images, symbols or songs speaking to you that gives you nudges on the path or insight needed at this time

Listen to the subtle signs in your life- what’s changing, what’s not working, listen to the messages life is giving you

Create physical space- Declutter- get rid of the old things that aren’t serving you, I am loving marie kondo’s ‘does it spark joy?’ question if it doesn’t spark joy then thank it and give it out.

Create space within you- life takes it’s toll on us emotionally, we build up hurts and resentments without even realising it, which all creates an emotional baggage that weighs us down. Journal who you are holding grudges towards and practice forgiveness, think of them and say out loud, “ Thank you, I forgive you, I forgive me, I let you go’ EFT can help with hard to shift resentments. 

Be aware of which inner voice you give airtime to- we have supportive and not so supportive voices in us, feeding us with a variety of messages. Turn the spotlight on what you are giving airtime to internally and ask yourself ‘Is this helping me get where I want to?’ 

Be open- life can be complete surprise in the direction it can take, but we need to be open to allow new life to grow. Be open to allowing seeds of new thoughts to percolate.

Keep a check on fear- fear shows up whenever the status quo is challenged – this is a given. Change sends the warning dash board into alert. Now is the time to get comfortable with fear- a great book on this is Susan Jeffers feel the fear and do it anyway 

Have courage – change is uncomfortable there is no denying it. But there is something in finding the courage we all have inside and using it to support us in getting through this void of not knowing. Courage is not desperately filling the void with something, courage is being ok with not knowing, courage is trusting it will turn out ok.

Have compassion and kindness for you- we can beat ourselves up when we are faced with these times of change, getting irritated with our lack of not wanting what is to come and wanting to be a different way, have compassion and love for you, speak kindly to yourself, find your inner nurturer and allow her to hold you in this time of change. My blog on loving yourself can help.

It is hard when things end, there is no denying it, every cell in your body can want to hold on to what is passing and avoid the fear of the unknown. Life flows, we move through phases and letting go of the old and surrendering to the void created from the letting go, opens up space for opportunities you may never have believed were possible to arise.

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