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Having an acorn of an idea

Having an acorn of an idea

My last blog post was about letting go and being ok with the void.

I let go, I opened up to the void, I decluttered and made space. I felt fear as I wanted an answer straight away as to what this life stage I was entering into would look like.

The answer hasn’t been immediate, I was ok (ish) with not knowing. Going from being ok and trusting the universe to feeling fearful of not knowing and wanting an answer now.

If you are in a place of not knowing your next step and you are in the void and have made space here are some ways I supported myself:


Write down how you are feeling and connect in with you, this helps get the swirling thoughts and feelings out the head and for me gives space and a chance to see ideas emerging.

Open yourself up to new ideas and ways of thinking

Somebody wise (thank you Steve Mitten) suggested I listen to podcasts and start listening to what is out there and what is piquing my interest.

Follow what interests you and be curious

Be it books, podcasts, speakers, for me there was a podcast I loved, but this is where I noticed what it was bringing up inside- admiration, jealousy, unhappiness in me.

Get curious

This spurred me on to get curious as to why I felt that way- I wasn’t sure, but, when I was up with my son at 5am cuddling him back to sleep, I realised I want to prepare mums on the emotional and spiritual journey into motherhood. As soon as I had this thought I felt excitement and energy, pretty much immediately this was replaced by fear and doubt- Am I capable? Am I able? Who am I to do this?

Hello Inner doubter 

My inner critic is there -right next to me with this edge I am on. And that is how I know I am getting to the right path, fear comes up, my inner doubter comes up when I’m close to the edge of my comfort zone, when I am close to following my dreams.

Make the choice

And this is the tricky bit, trust in the potential risky future path with potential failure or stay safe and ignore the call.

I’m choosing the risky option.

If you’re faced with the risk and an acorn of an idea, here are a couple of ways to nurture it- write it down- capture it, write down fears and doubts, scope it out. You may decide it isn’t the right path for you, but giving these acorns space to breathe and nurturing them, gives future dreams space to develop.

I coach men and women on finding their right path, I’m not a guru or an expert, I am a coach, I am a guide to walk along beside you as you find the path that is right for you. I’m living it and I’m human.

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