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Going after your goals the Legally Blonde way

Going after your goals the Legally Blonde way

I went to see Legally blonde the musical recently and one particular song has been stuck in my head- ‘What you want’. Even though the whole musical is light hearted and humorous, it has some really key inspirational messages hidden behind the sparkle and humour.

The song is about the heroine Elle Woods wanting to get into Harvard Law to follow her ex boyfriend and how she is doing it for love. What I love about this song is how she approaches going after what she wants. Her goal (Harvard law) is seemingly out of reach and incredibly unlikely given she specialises in fashion.

How many things that we dream about seem out of our reach and out of grasp and we give up at the first hurdle? Many.

We put these dreams to the back of our minds and hope that one day they will come true but when is that ‘one day’? And how can they come true without the push behind them?

What I’ve taken about going for goals Elle Woods style…

Small steps

Elle sees the final goal and breaks it down into stages, getting a high SAT score, getting her loved ones on board, convincing Harvard. All of this takes time and dedication. At each stage she focuses on why she is doing it- ‘love, love will see me through’. If you have a dream you want to fulfil what is it about that dream that speaks to you?

What’s your fuel? 

We all have hopes and dreams we keep hidden or think can’t ever be a reality. But the love of why we want to go for those dreams is the fuel to the dedication and hard work to get there, I believe we all have dreams we keep hidden, but where do those dreams come from? Something drives that nudge. I believe our souls speak to us through our intuition and nudge us on. What nudges have you had?

Breaking our goals down into small manageable chunks 

Sounds sensible and known, but it keeps us going and from failing and feeling that our end goal is too insurmountable. Break your dream down, what steps need to be put in place, what skills do you need to learn? Who do you need to convince to help you on your journey?

Know your motivation- what is your ‘love’? 

What is it about your dream that motivates you to get there? When you connect in with what is it about your dream that you love then you find your fuel to drive you- and you will need that fuel. Knowing your values – what is important to you at your core can really help. Have daily reminders and visuals to help you focus on your dream.

Sacrifice is often needed along the way

In the song Elle Woods has to sacrifice her Senior Spring partying, she has to keep reminding herself why she is stuck inside studying. In life what we want often doesn’t just fall into our laps, but takes dedication and commitment. There will be temptations along the way, perhaps a good party, or a fab box set to work through, but sometimes to get where you want –where you truly want -you need to be strong willed and focus on the end goal.

You will inspire others

When you go for your goals and follow your dreams a funny thing happens, you start inspiring those around you to follow their hopes and dreams and it has a knock on effect with more people taking the plunge seeing you as an inspiration.

You’ll have people around you saying not to do it

Elle’s character faced opposition from her parents who didn’t see why she was wanting to be a lawyer. She stayed firm in her course. When we make changes or want to follow a dream it may seem out of character with the person our loved ones see in us. This can create friction or confusion with the people that know us best.

We are all here to evolve and grow and we will change if we allow ourselves to. Growing and evolving into who we are meant to be brings a richness to our lives. Knowing you and what is important to you, at your core, is key to not being put off by people around you.

Follow your heart.

Going after your dreams can be hard work, it can take a lot of toil and a lot of sacrifice but, when you reach the small steps on the path to realising your goal and eventually reach it, you will be so proud of who you are and the journey you have gone on.

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