inner wisdom coaching with jennifer soran boon

Work with Jennifer Soran Boon to connect to your inner wisdom, inner knowing, and your true power.

My coaching is for women who:

  • Want to connect in with their own inner wisdom but don’t know how.
  • Want to embrace all of themselves- not just the bits society and loved ones see as acceptable.
  • Who have an inner whispering that there is more to life and more to you.

I journey along with women in connecting with their inner strength, their inner wisdom, their inner knowing.

We all have this inner knowing- our intuition- but life and relationships, beliefs and thoughts stop us connecting in with who we are at our core, stop us connecting in with our wisdom and leave us feeling anchorless and depleted.

Without our connection to our inner wisdom we are left wondering who we are and search outwards for those answers.

The answers always come from within.

I hold a space to enable women to look inwards -without fear and judgement- and then journey with them to courageously create the change they are yearning for in their life.

My coaching work is deep soul work. It is about enabling you to step into your strength and wisdom as the divine being that you are. It’s about you becoming aware of the beliefs and patterns that bind you to a life that’s whitewashed and only part of you.

My Background & Details

I am an ICF accredited coach. I have ten year coaching experience. I bring a combination of three schools of coaching, as well as numerous courses in self development and spirituality and energy healing. I use my intuition to guide me in how best to support you in your journey.

My fees are £150 an hour. There are no packages, no gimmicks, no hard sell. I coach women who feel a whispering within and don’t know how to act on that whispering. If that’s you, I offer a free call where you can experience my style of coaching and we can see if we are a good fit for journeying together.

Are you ready to live the life you’ve been yearning for?

Reach out for a free initial connection call with Jennifer to get the boost you need to live your life in an aligned, empowered way.