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Meet Jennifer Soran Boon

Author, Speaker, Inner Wisdom Coach, Catalyst for Change

my Vision

My vision is to create a space where women are empowered to be themselves at their heart and soul, are seen and heard and held.

A space where women empower each other with love and kindness to step into their strength and inner wisdom. Where we don’t compete but celebrate and cheer each other on. Where we know there is room for us all to shine and create ripples of love. A space where women are courageous, grounded and connected to their deep soul truth. 

My vision is that we empower and support each other. We courageously look into our shadows and shine a light on what we fear within ourselves and embrace it. My vision is that we all, with love, grow into who we are here to be. We remove the layers of conditioning, we connect back into the magic of being a woman and bring this through with fire into our lives. 

My vision is that we as women create a new way of being in this world. A way that embraces the magic of being a woman.

My Story

Hi, I’m Jennifer Soran Boon

I’ve always loved and known there was something more to this life. I’ve always been curious and drawn to soul work and self growth. I felt the nudgings but it took a while to listen, but when I did, gradually, my life turned into a beautiful dance. 

I used to be in a marketing career that was ok, but didn’t stoke the fires of passion and drive within me, I felt the want for something deeper and more true to me. I used to accept that this was ok and stayed small and within the bounds of fear.

Nudge at a time, I realised my path was to become an enabler of change for women.

Now I’m an ICF accredited coach with over 10 years experience. I’m trained in three coaching schools and bring through a mix of all three through into my work, including Coaches Training Institute and Coaching Institute for energy coaching. It was trusting my intuition that has enabled me to do the deep soul work with women. 

I’m a mum of three. It took resilience and self love and acceptance to find my life partner. Then patience and trust to grow our family. The chaos and exhaustion of family life stripped all layers of who I thought I was back and I got to know me- not the me of my ego or what the outside world saw but the me of my soul. 

My life may look conventional from the looking in, but I have chosen a different way to live, a way of listening to my inner nudges, listening to the cycles of life and nature, reconnecting back into the magic of being a woman.

There has been acceptance and courage in shining a light onto my shadows to enable me to connect to all of me.

I’m still on this journey- I know it will take a life time.

I know now that I’m here to enable women to find their own inner wisdom, to find their path to acceptance, love and speaking their truth.

I coach, I speak, I write, I teach workshops to empower and connect women on their own inner journeys.

My vision and hope is to create a community where women empower each other to grow and shine their lights in this world together with kindness, love and courage.

coaching background

My Training & Certifications

I alchemise my coach training, my years of reading, self development and courses through to support women in their journeys. Most of all I listen and connect in with my inner wisdom to shine a light in this world.

I trained and gained certification with the prestigious Coaches Training Institute. Beginning in 2010, and throughout the course completing 104 coaching training hours, I then became certified with the Coaches Training Institute in 2015 – this certification program is the most rigorous and respected in the industry.

In 2012 I trained with the Human Potential Coaching Academy. This coaching style works in the present moment and takes a holistic view of the clients life. I graduated in early 2014.

I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This is the most rigourous professional coaching body. I am also accredited as an ACC through ICF.

I am completing Energy Coach training with Coaching Institute. I graduated as a chakra coach. 

In 2023 I completed a Somatic coaching course with Coaches Rising.

I alchemise my coach training, my years of reading, self development and courses through to support women in their journeys. Most of all I listen and connect in with my inner wisdom to shine a light in this world.

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